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AD NOVA IMS Associates


AD NOVA IMS Associates

AD NOVA IMS created around NOVA IMS a restricted group of institutions that advise, support and, at the same time, enjoy the high quality and excellence of its services, in order to provide the country, in this strategic area, with an institute of international level.

AD NOVA IMS is represented on the General Council of NOVA IMS by three Partners, who, among other responsibilities entrusted to them, participate in the election of the Director of NOVA IMS.

AD NOVA IMS is currently made up of 10 partners:

  • Instituto Nnaciona De Estatistica
  • Banco Portugal
  • Iapmei
  • Edp22
  • Accenture22
  • Fidelidade
  • SAS
  • Esri
  • CIM OESTE 01
  • Jeronimomartins 01

Members' Rights:

  • Participate in Association activities;

  • Intervene in General Assembly meetings discussing and voting on all resolutions. Voting by correspondence may be used;

  • Require the convening of extraordinary General Meetings;

  • Examine the accounts, documents and other elements relating to the Association's activity in the eight days preceding any General Assembly;

  • Elect or be elected to the governing bodies;

  • To have preference, in relation to elements outside the Association, in the use of the services that the Association provides;

  • Being able to be elected to the Institute's Board;

  •  Integrate the NOVA IMS Advisory Board. 

Duties of Members:

  • Comply with statutory and regulatory obligations as well as the deliberations of the governing bodies;

  • Provide effective collaboration to all initiatives that contribute to the prestige and development of the Association and NOVA IMS;

  • Exercise the positions for which they are elected or designated, notwithstanding that no member is obliged to accept the election for any position in two successive periods;

  •  Give preference to the Association in contracting services that are part of the scope of its activity;

  • Pay the admission fee and the periodic fee fixed by the General Meeting;

  • Contribute to the achievement of statutory objectives, in accordance with the regulations and directives issued by the governing bodies.