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NOVA IMS creates partnerships with public and private organizations in order to develop its diversified services as a data science school. Each partnership is a meeting point between our capabilities and the requirements of a particular partner organization. In a personalized, balanced and sustained way, the partnerships develop and consolidate analyzes of different types, opinions on best practices and outline recommendations for their implementation.

In the diversity of their nature, partnerships cover diverse natures and cover areas that are in line with the scientific, pedagogical and institutional development of NOVA IMS. In this context, the role of AD NOVA IMS (Association for the Development of the Higher Institute of Statistics and Information Management) is of particular importance, which has accompanied the Institute practically since its creation in the management of services to the community.

Other partnerships are being developed, including research projects and postgraduate programs, above all, but not only, within the European Union and the Portuguese Speaking Countries. It is intended in this way to privilege the interaction between academic and professional circles in relevant areas for the generation of knowledge about the sustainability of health systems and intensify the study and development of scientific works in areas of practical relevance. On the other hand, NOVA IMS as a reference entity at the national level will be able to act as a pivotal entity for the deepening, dissemination and sharing of knowledge, experiences and good practices among all the system's stakeholders.

Postgraduate Program in Intelligence Management and Security

  • IDN
    Instituto da Defesa Nacional
  • Sirp
    Sistema de Informações da Républica Portuguesa

Postgraduate Program in Business Intelligence and Analytics for Hospitality & Tourism

  • CTPM
    Confederação do Turismo de Portugal
    Turismo de Portugal
  • Hurb (1)
  • CLEAVER 01 01
  • NEST
  • Vilagale
    Vila Galé

Postgraduate Program in Statistical Systems, with a specialization in Central Banks' Statistics

  • Irving
    Irving Fisher Committee on Central Bank Statistics
  • Bancoportugal
    Banco de Portugal
  • European Bank
    European Central Bank
  • Emos
    European Master in Official Statistics

Postgraduate Program in Enterprise Data Science & Analytics

  • Microsoft

conteudo Postgraduate Program in Digital Enterprise Management

  • Google
  • Idc (1)
  • Sap

Postgraduate Program in Enterprise Information Systems

  • Microsoft

Postgraduate Program in Financial and Budgetary Management and Control

  • IGF
    Inspeção-Geral de Finanças – Portuguese Audit Authority (IGF)

Postgraduate Program in Financial Markets and Risks

    ISCTE - Executive Education

Master Degree in Law and Financial Markets

  • Novaschooloflaw
    NOVA School of Law

Postgraduate Program in Geographic Information Systems and Science

  • Unigispt

conteudo Certificate in Geospatial Intelligence

  • Academiamilitar
    Academia Militar
  • Esri 01 01
    Esri Portugal
    Centro de Informação Geoespacial do Exército
    United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation

Postgraduate Program in Smart Cities

  • AMAL
    Comunidade Intermunicipal do Algarve
  • Cascais
    Câmara Municipal de Cascais
  • CML
    Câmara Municipal de Lisboa
  • Cmoeiras
    Câmara Municipal de Oeiras
  • Compta
  • Municipeviseu
    Câmara Municipal de Viseu
  • Associacaonacionalmunicipes
    Associação Nacional dos Municípios Portugueses

Postgraduate Program in Information Management and Business Intelligence in Healthcare

    Faculdade de Ciências Médicas - NOVA
  • Escolansaudepublica (2)
    Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública - NOVA
  • Ihtropical
    Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical - NOVA

Master Program in Clinical Research Management

  • Escolansaudepublica (2)
    NOVA Medical School
  • Universidadedeaveiro
    Universidade de Aveiro

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