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Professional Insertion Office

Gabinete De Inserção Profissional Topo

Professional Insertion Office

AD NOVA IMS is responsible for promoting the connection between the academic and the professional world. In this sense, the Professional Insertion Office was created, whose main objective is to promote the approximation of NOVA IMS students to the job market, preparing and supporting them in this transition, establishing and developing relationships with companies, in order to promote successful and mutually beneficial professional insertion.

This office is also responsible for:


  • Create and permanently update a database of NOVA IMS graduates as well as their actual and potential employers;
  • Actively promote contacts and collaboration protocols with potential employers;
  • Conceive, propose and promote initiatives that promote the employability of NOVA IMS graduates;
  • Promote and implement all actions that prove necessary and appropriate to increase the employability and professional integration of NOVA IMS graduates.

Support Employability

  • Contacts with employers;
  • Dissemination of job/internship offers through the JobTeaser platform;
  • Project information and application support;
  • Support in holding Job Fairs.


  • Short -Term Internships – Internships not integrated in the curricular structure of our courses;
  • Professional Internships of completion of Master courses – for Master students, since currently to obtain a master's degree, these students can prepare a dissertation, make a project work or an internship report;
  • Follow theses and final projects of Masters and PhD aimed at specific business problems;
  • Invite companies to collaborate in the course of Research Methodologies presenting its proposals for potential research projects.

Job Fair

Counts on the presence of a diverse set of companies and institutions, and aims to be a place of close liaison between the entities, as potential recruiters, and the academic community namely students, finalists and graduates from NOVA IMS.

Companies and other institutions are invited to participate in the exhibition space, on stand, and may also interact directly with the participants in specific areas.

This fair is an excellent opportunity to give a closer look at some of the companies with greater dynamism in the labor market, thus creating a meeting place between recruiters and potential candidates.


Here are some companies that have recruited and offered internships to our students.

  • Sonae22
  • Nokia
  • Pwc
  • Nos
  • Reuters
  • Vodafone
  • Efacec
  • Kpmg
  • Eurostat
  • Inetum
  • Jeronimo Martins
  • Fnac
  • Altice
  • Novabase (1)
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft