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Executive Education

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Executive Education

NOVA IMS Executive Education designs and develops courses and training programs in the area of information management and data science for executives and companies. In a world in constant change, we are at the forefront of the latest methodologies and knowledge that allows us to train professionals who seek continuous updating of their skills.

Our activity is organized in advanced training for executives, with defined and scheduled courses, and in personalized training programs, which take place on an exclusive basis and according to the specific needs of the participants and their organizations.

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Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy image

Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy

This program aims to provide leaders of Portuguese organizations with guidance on the key considerations for developing a business strategy that maximizes value by incorporating Artificial Intelligence into their operations.

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Tailor-made training programmes

Aware of the needs of many professionals in updating and improving their skills and knowledge, NOVA IMS, through AD NOVA IMS - Association for the Development of NOVA IMS Information Management School, offers a diversified range of tailor-made programs in Business Intelligence, Marketing and Organizational Management.

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