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Laboratories and Innovation


NOVA IMS has created 11 thematic and specialized laboratories supervised by researchers specialized in their respective areas. These laboratories are intended to be interfaces between the excellence of our research and organizations, developing collaborative projects that allow the transfer of knowledge in close alignment with the specific needs of businesses.

These laboratories allow the development of joint projects in the various themes that each one covers, transversely sharing the characteristics of being leveraged by Information Management and Data Science.

NOVA Data Analytics Lab image

NOVA Data Analytics Lab

By providing a learning environment that favours motivated young researchers who wish to devote their professional Activity to fields related to Artificial Intelligence, the Data Analytics Lab promotes the improvement of state-of-the-art Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science and Optimization of real-world problems, on a large scale and at international level. In addition, it develops new methods in these fields and contributes to the unification of the various existing Machine Learning paradigms.

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NOVA Geoinformatics & Analytics Lab image

NOVA Geoinformatics & Analytics Lab

A multidisciplinary team with competencies in various fields, namely geography, urbanism, science and geographic information systems, environmental engineering, informatics, programming, and design, equipped with specific hardware and software solutions is available to the corporate and public sectors. It has already made a relevant contribution to over one hundred research projects.

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NOVA Health & Analytics Lab image

NOVA Health & Analytics Lab

The research projects aimed at improving the sustainability and development of the Health Systems are carried out here. Their objective is to increment information on this area, by promoting decision-making, resource optimization and allocation, aimed at an increasing cooperation and innovation among key entities in the System.

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NOVA Innovation and Analytics Lab image

NOVA Innovation and Analytics Lab

Here the focus is the interaction of persons and data, by promoting positive and impressing forms of understanding between quantitative and qualitative subject areas to make practical and innovative advancements possible in many business, education, and society fields. We believe in the power of transferable skills as well as of empathy and creativity, power of visualization and storytelling, to create significant learning systems with a view to making the decision-making process simpler and better.

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NOVA Information Systems & Analytics Lab image

NOVA Information Systems & Analytics Lab

The mission of the Information Systems Lab is to promote and bolster the best practices as regards the use and value creation of IT and IS among the organizations. Some of the researchers of its multidisciplinary teamwork cooperate with leading firms in their field, carrying out consulting projects aimed at developing business and organizational strategies which enable them to obtain a competitive advantage on the markets in which they operate. The partners of the Laboratory include the main technological players at the word level.

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NOVA Marketing Analytics Lab image

NOVA Marketing Analytics Lab

This Laboratory focuses on the creation of high-impact research projects in the areas of analytic and data driven markets, based on real market data and quantitative insights from areas such as neuromarketing, consumer behaviour and data science. This high-level research – “Research that matters” – generates outputs that are relevant for an academic or business environments.

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NOVA Cidade: Urban Analytics Lab image

NOVA Cidade: Urban Analytics Lab

The NOVA Cidade: Urban Analytics Lab includes a network of persons and organizations before which the various agents and interests behind the building of an intelligent City are represented. It carries out a set of activities aimed at creating a more efficient governance, by using the city as a platform and data science to change the planning and managing model of urban spaces.

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NOVA Data-Driven Public Policy Lab image

NOVA Data-Driven Public Policy Lab

Governments, public administration and societies in general require more efficient and effective public policies. The Data Driven Public Policies Lab aims to promote the development of public policies supported on evidence and a culture promote of evidence-based policy making. Through the use of state-of-art and data driven methodologies applied to the context of public policies, the Lab contributes to better accountability and transparency of those policies and more effective impact assessment. It offers to different institutions a wide range of services, contributing to more effective decision making and the optimization of public resources and their allocation.

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NOVA Business Intelligence & Analytics Lab image

NOVA Business Intelligence & Analytics Lab

NOVA BI & Analytics Lab is the laboratory of NOVA IMS – Information Management School, which aims to promote, empower and contribute to an optimized and efficient management of data in institutions, through collaboration in the development of activities in the area of Business Intelligence for the creation, management and transfer of knowledge, as well as objective decision-making based on data. 

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NOVA Center for Global Health Lab image

NOVA Center for Global Health Lab

The Center for Global Health contributes to Portugal's insertion in international knowledge networks of governance, prevention, preparedness and resilience of health systems, particularly with the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as the leading European and multilateral agencies, with a view to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals related to Global Health, thereby increasing national capacity to address health risks.

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NOVA Blockchain Lab image

NOVA Blockchain Lab

The Blockchain Lab at NOVA IMS is committed to shaping the future of data-driven innovation through blockchain technology. Join us in exploring the limitless possibilities of this transformative field.

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