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How to become an Associate


How to become an AD NOVA IMS Associate

To become an AD NOVA IMS Associate:

  • The admission fee for AD NOVA IMS is €25.000, which may be partially paid for products or services;

  • The annual membership fee is €2.992,79;

  • The status of Legal Entity of Public Utility with which AD NOVA IMS was distinguished on October 21, 1997, entitles its Partners to benefit from tax deductions from their contributions under the terms of the Law.

Advantages of becoming a partner at AD NOVA IMS

  • Fiscal benefits according to law.

  • Access to recruitment of future staff through NOVA IMS interns;

  • Use of NOVA IMS premises to hold own seminars/training sessions;

  • Individualisation and Publication of contributions;

  • Reduction of the enrolment fee on Executive Courses;

  • Inclusion of the company logo in all AD NOVA IMS institutional communication media (course brochures, stationary, events, website, etc.);

  • Possibility of publicizing initiatives with the NOVA IMS/AD NOVA IMS community;

  • Access to exclusive partnerships with the NOVA IMS/AD NOVA IMS community;

  • Requisition of services from NOVA IMS at a special price;

  • Invitation to all initiatives of the NOVA IMS/AD NOVA IMS universe. Participate in the life of NOVA IMS, being able to intervene in the design of graduate and postgraduate training tailored to meet business needs;

  • Be able to take advantage of master's and doctoral theses and participate in research seminars aimed at promoting them.