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Blockchain and Smart Contracts


Blockchain and Smart Contracts

Blockchain technology promises to revolutionize how businesses interact with each other and their clients. Staying on top of these developments will be important for leaders looking to ensure they remain competitive with the latest technology.

Blockchain has long been associated with the “peer-2-peer currency Bitcoin", however, dedicated work from the likes of IBM, JP Morgan, Deloitte, and Microsoft are bringing this technology to a wide range of business applications.

Blockchain offers business the ability to create a shared environment, with other firms or their clients, without needing an intermediary or to outsource control of their data.

This environment can then be used to deploy “smart contracts”, contracts that will implement business logic independently and verifiability.

Join us to discover how blockchain can engage customers, reduce costs, increase trust and security, and revolutionize the future of your business.


The course provides a high-level overview of the world of blockchain and the revolutionary power of smart contracts. A particular emphasis is placed on understanding the business case for blockchain technology and identifying the use cases. The topics covered include:

  • Not so humble beginnings: Bitcoin and the internet of money;
  • Ethereum: the world computer;
  • Smart contracts and decentralized applications;
  • Blockchain in practice: case studies and business cases;
  • Identifying transformational potential applications and the business case for blockchain;
  • Hyperledger Fabric and enterprise grade blockchain;
  • Big blockchain ideas;
  • Scalability, interoperability and the future of blockchain.

Discover in detail the course of Blockchain and Smart Contracts.

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