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Short Course: Certification in Business Intelligence for Hospitality & Tourism

Certificatio Bi HT

Certification in Business Intelligence for Hospitality & Tourism

Business Intelligence (BI) is today the framework underpinning support for business decision making. As a process, BI can be seen as the result of the aggregation of scattered data, originating inside and outside the organization, its processing and subsequent construction of rich and relevant information, with the ultimate goal of making it available dynamically and in real time to users throughout all levels of organizations, to support timely decisions and lead their actions in a 360º view of their business.

This delivery is increasingly done through Dashboards - "A single-screen display of the most important information people need to do a job, presented in a way that allows them to monitor what's going on in an instant, is a powerful new medium of communication" (Stephen Few).

Dashboards allow users to navigate through multiple different perspectives of corporate performance simply and intuitively without ever leaving the dashboard, allowing them to quickly and easily identify problems and diagnose causes, triggering the necessary actions.

By combining data from various sources into a single point of access, dashboards give users an extraordinary ability to monitor organizational performance in cross-dimensional and multidimensional terms.

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