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AI 4 Business


Artificial Intelligence for Business

A new and inspiring NOVA IMS executive program in collaboration with Microsoft, that will enable C-suite executives to take their Business Intelligence skills further and build strategies to transform their own organizations, to create analytical-oriented competitive advantages leveraged by the newest developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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  • Microsoft
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AI 4 Business

We estimate that fewer than 10 percent of companies using AI have yet to fully operationalize it within their business processes or have organization-wide strategies.

The main reasons for this framework are not technological. Rather, firms have been held back by a lack of skills and an inability in building strategies that add value integrated in their Business Intelligence platforms, founded in the available analytical skills and in AI, including dimensions as governance and ethical use of data.

This hybrid non-technical program, in collaboration with Microsoft in the scope of their AI Business School (a global initiative with INSEAD), presents the state of the art and train executive-level in a practical and actionable way how to build an AI strategy for their organization, including organization’s culture and responsibility.

Who is it for?

The “AI 4 Business” course is aimed at business leaders and executives who want to reinforce the strategies for implementing AI in their companies, as well as offering the necessary tools to use AI responsibly.

The lack of awareness and education among business leaders on how to create an AI strategy and how to execute a responsible approach to AI is a natural blocker to any industry's digital transformation process.

Knowing how to guide people in a changing context and define a strategy is fundamental for creating real business value and for building a flexible culture that is adaptable to a new work approach. This course was developed to respond to these needs with the objective of training executives and business leaders to use AI focused on strategy, company culture and leadership.


  • Module 1

    Defining an AI Strategy:

    Establishing a framework for thinking strategically and holistically about the role of AI in an organization, including guidance on creating organizational strategies. It offers case studies from several sectors, including healthcare, financial, manufacturing and retail.

  • Module 2

    Enabling an AI-ready Culture:

    Which helps leaders create data-driven and collaborative organizations. It also offers perspectives on how to break down organizational and departmental silos to embed the technology within a company and enable all employees. Microsoft also provides a maturity model assessment and a change management framework to help leaders assess and evolve their approaches.

  • Module 3

    Implications of Responsible AI in Business:

    Focuses on the importance of principles and maintaining responsible approaches when building and using AI. It also educates executives about the importance of governance, including topics such as bias, explainability, privacy, security and compliance.

  • Module 4

    AI Technology for Business Leaders:

    Gives executives a high-level overview of technologies such as machine learning and deep learning, cognitive services, conversational bots and AI features in applications.

  • Module 5

    Data-Driven Innovation:

    A hands-on workshop on data-driven initiatives ideation adopting a design-thinking approach.

The content within each module is grounded in real-life stories told by actual leaders who have taken AI from
theory into practice.


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