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Marketing Research Advanced: Quantitive Methods for Marketing

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Marketing Research Advanced: Quantitive Methods for Marketing

This course is based on the stages of marketing research that cause most doubts and difficulties for technicians and marketing managers; the use of quantitive methods for the analysis of study results. This course presents, from an applied perspective, the contexts and assumptions of each technique, as well as the best options to follow in accordance with the objectives of the marketing problems.

The course is thus made up of a presentation of the most relevant results analysis techniques for marketing, from an interpretation point of view and is accompanied by practical studies. The practical studies include typical problems encountered in marketing research, the context within which they are applied and discussion of the techniques.

The quality of segmenting will condition the return obtained with the management of the client relationship. Thus, it is critical that an organisation is able to produce adequate segmenting for its objectives and that they are technically correct.

Who is it for?

Analysts, managers and high level managers who wish to understand and deepen their knowledge of segmenting models of large data bases and the opportunities for value creation in business.


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