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Shaping the Digital Transformation (StDT)


Shaping the Digital Transformation (StDT)

Digital transformation is a process of strategic and change management, where it is sought that the organization implements a culture centered on Customers and its stakeholders in order to obtain the highest levels of operational excellence and competitive advantage.

NOVA IMS has developed a holistic vision for this, in which the subjects of Leadership and Strategic Management, Value, Organizational and Change Management, Processes, and the supporting technologies are involved.

In a short 2-day duration executive program - the objectives are, on the one hand, to establish the basics of what Innovation and Digital Transformation are and some of the technologies that underlie them today, on the other hand, to help make an initial diagnosis of the preparation and maturity of the organization for these holistic processes, and finally to present potential paths and tools (e.g., methodologies) to implement this transformation.

The NOVA IMS teaching method is characterized by privileging interactivity in a class context, with a mix of theoretical and practical components translated into value deliverables for the participants to put into practice in their organizations at the end of the course.

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  • IDC (1)

This executive Program seeks to develop the following competencies:

Who is it for?

This Program addresses management and business strategy themes that, together with the implementation of the most advanced "digital core" (e.g., ERP, CRM, HRM, etc.) or "exponential" (e.g., artificial intelligence, blockchain, business analytics)technologies, allows transformation in the business with a vision of building sustained and lasting competitive advantage:

  • Directors, CEOs, and senior management of organizations seeking to increase their competitive advantage, with an evolution towards the Intelligent Enterprise, optimizing investments for such;
  • Operational Directors with the mission of advising the Board and Senior Management on all impact areas of a digital transformation project that brings impact on business performance and return on investments;
  • Executives in the organization with responsibility for managing digital transformation projects;
  • Professionals, Managers, or Consultants who wish to acquire skills to develop or advise on implementing digital transformation projects with a holistic dimension far beyond the technological component.


This intensive and interactive Program aims to equip the recipients with a set of knowledge and training of fundamental skills for the implementation of digital transformation projects, in addition to various practical tools for the initial preparation of the organization, including:

  • Diagnostics on the level of readiness and maturity for digital transformation;
  • An interactive session, with "hands-on" in technologies 4.0, where the concepts of business strategy for a competitive advantage, leadership, and collaborative teamwork are experienced;
  • Contact and clues to establish a roadmap for transformation and potential methodologies.

Participants will have mastered the main concepts of digital transformation and innovation. They will also have developed their skills in the areas of Leadership and Strategic Management for digital transformation, Change Management, peer collaboration, and the evaluation of enabling technologies by the end of the course.

The 2-day Program has four components, each with a practical component and output deliverables.

This Program counts on the best and most up-to-date resources available to cement today's "state-of-the-art" in terms of Digital Transformation implementation.

Session by session, we will have:
  • In the 1st session, the concepts of Digital Transformation and Innovation are established, and a self-assessment exercise of the organization's level of readiness for Digital Transformation is proposed, based on the analysis of 5 vectors. As a result of the exercise, each organization will obtain its position with 22 indicators and its relative position compared to the responses of about a hundred national managers of large and medium enterprises.
  • In the 2nd session, resulting from the partnership that NOVA IMS has with the market analysts IDC, the 5 stages of maturity are presented, and a self-assessment and benchmark of the organization's maturity level are proposed. Some use-cases are also presented, and at the end, a discussion of a possible Roadmap for digital transformation is held.
  • In Session 3, we address organizational management and change issues, which include factors like Leadership, Empowerment and Innovation of Employees, collaboration, and employee skills. In this phase, participants have the opportunity to experience transformation enabling technologies, in a gamification context, with a management simulator supported by a management application with business analytics, geo-analytics, and artificial intelligence capabilities. The simulator allows participants to test (and diagnose) their strategic management, leadership, teamwork/cross-collaboration, and adaptability to change skills in a competitive environment.
  • Finally, the 4th session presents some methodologies used for digital or business transformation projects, including BTM2 - Business Transformation Management Methodology (BTA-Business Transformation Academy), from which the organization can prepare its strategy for Digital Transformation.

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