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Advanced Program: "Happiness and Wellbeing Deep Dive"

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Advanced Program:
"Happiness and Wellbeing Deep Dive"

Several studies point out that positive individual and collective attitudes (engagement, satisfaction, commitment, involvement) are not only related to but even predict organizational outcomes, including employee performance and retention. There is widespread agreement that employment relationships are changing and that, therefore, the importance of helping employees be happy at work may be increasing.

Bringing together a range of experts from multiple fields - organizational behavior, communication, and space design - this Advanced Program at NOVA IMS contains the multidisciplinarity essential to design possible solutions that enhance internal communication, change, and knowledge management, and the Design of collaborative spaces that foster creativity. 

The course enables participants to:

  • Understand the individual aspects of happiness and well-being in the workplace;

  • (Re)Design spaces for greater collaboration and creativity; 

  • Improve internal communication and promote agility for change; 

  • Rethink organizational Design, understanding the foundation of the organization's Social Capital. 

Who is it for?

  • Human Resource Directors;
  • Happiness and Organizational Climate Managers; 
  • Knowledge Managers; 
  • Leadership of high-performance teams; 
  • Communication managers; 
  • Corporate space and infrastructure managers; 
  • Innovation managers; 
  • Other professionals in charge of leading organizational change processes. 

The "Happiness and Wellbeing Deep Dive" course is aimed at all those who need to rethink the work model (face-to-face, hybrid and online), including the talent retention strategy, knowledge management models, workspaces, internal communication with impact:

Program Structure

The course is divided into 3 modules and has a duration of 24h:

  • Module 1 - To Inspire

    Dimensions and Challenges of Organizational Happiness 

    • Inspiring Lectures; 
    • Trend analysis; 
    • Case studies; 
    • Align goals and understand change management. 
  • Module 2 - Ideation

    Conceive and Discuss Possible Innovative Solutions 

    • Insights and opportunity spaces for organizational innovation; 
    • Brainstorming of possible solutions (relationships, spaces, and communication); 
    • Integration into the culture and reality of each institution. 
  • Module 3 - Implementation

    From Vision to Implementation 

    • Final Design of the intervention plan (communication, change, spaces); 
    • Pitch of the idea and feedback from the group; 
    • Immunity to change: mapping possible barriers to implementation and finding possible solutions. 

Discover in detail the Advanced Program: "Happiness and Wellbeing Deep Dive".

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