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Friday Innovation, LDA

PROJETO Individual

Provision of Consultancy Services for R&D Projects


  • We offer consultancy services that include a comprehensive analysis of the literature, using meta-analysis and weight analysis methods, to identify the key motivations of consumers in adopting payment assistant systems similar to the Friday Innovation application. This analysis will help understand the current state and paradigm of the payment system, as well as the consumers' perception regarding relevant features and potential obstacles in the payment process and management.
    Based on these results, we will develop a future work plan that will involve constructing a conceptual model for the intention to adopt a payment assistant system. This plan will include gathering specific data in Portugal through questionnaires and subsequent statistical analysis, using predictive methods such as structural equation models, as well as descriptive analyses such as consumer segmentation based on their payment profiles.
    The deliverables of this project will be a detailed meta and weight analysis, along with a future work plan that provides insights into the motivations and barriers of Portuguese consumers regarding the adoption of payment assistant systems.