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Business Intelligence for Executives

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Business Intelligence for Executives

Business Intelligence (BI) has gradually become the framework support for business decision making . It is in this context that the Advanced Training Programme of NOVA IMS offers a course in Business Intelligence for Executives.

As a process, BI can be referred to as the result of the addition, processing and the construction of rich and relevant information. Its dynamic availability and in real time for its users, at all levels in organisations, to support decisions in a timely way.

This intensive course looks at the most recent developments related to decision making available within the use of the platforms of Business Intelligence and Data warehouses which support them. As well as this, current information technologies and development methods of Business Intelligence solutions will be available in the area of Business Analytics e Performance Management.

Who is it for?

Executives and high level managers from public and private institution who wish to learn about BI as well as the challenges and opportunities for value creation in business.


Discover in detail the course of Business Intelligence for Executives.

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