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The Role of Analytical Tools in Company Competitiveness

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The Role of Analytical Tools in Company Competitiveness

Most organisations have enormous quantities of data available. These have been generated from different business processes but are rarely used as a strategic resource by the organisation. However, if we were able to translate these data bases into facts about the past, the present and forecast the future, we would be in a position to transform the decision making process and build a management culture based on facts and evidence. This is the promise of analytical methods; transforming the nature of the decision making process, basing it on facts and building a proactive organisation.

It is more and more evident that companies that make better use of information and knowledge, from their activity will better be able to compete, increase efficiency, reduce risk, innovate and differentiate. Management which is based on facts will produce a new generation of successful organisations.

This course aims to look at analytical organisation, describing its characteristics, showing ways in which it can take place as well as the difficulties and challenges that may be encountered along the way.

Who is it for?

Executives and high level managers from public and private institutions who want to understand the importance of analytical process and data mining in organisation performance, as well as the challenges and opportunities for value creation in business.


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