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Postgraduate Program in Data Science for Marketing


Postgraduate Program in Data Science for Marketing

The Postgraduate program in Data Science for Marketing aims to fill a gap in the postgraduate training of marketing professionals who need to gain new skills to be able to actively participate in the development and application of analytical marketing models. With the proposed study plan, this program presents an up-to-date structure that combines several areas of marketing with a transversal approach of data science to leverage them.

This program is designed to provide excellent training, articulating key concepts and challenges for marketing decision-making in its multiple strategic, innovation and methodological strands, with practical Data-Oriented Processing (Data Science & Big Data), Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) and Analysis of Social Networks of Consumers. The versatility in the offer of elective course units also allows reinforcing theoretical and practical knowledge in several related areas, such as: digital marketing, social media, e-commerce, and search engine optimization.

This Postgraduate Program gives access to the Master Degree Program in Data-Driven Marketing, with a specialization in Data Science for Marketing - for more information about this Master, please click here.

The applications for this program are open between April 9th and May 7th, 2024. To apply, click here.

  • Vagas


    After working hours

  • Media

    Length and ECTS

    2 semesters (60 ECTS)

  • Semestres


    2 to 3 times a

  • Lingua

    Start Date

    September 2024

Support and Funding

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Who is it for?

This postgraduate program is aimed at managers, technical staff and other professionals who wish to acquire analytical skills in the field of marketing, using the most advanced technologies and methodologies for collecting, analyzing and processing data in the scope of data science, in order to allow making data-driven based decisions.


The main goal of this program is to train marketing professionals to be capable of:

  • Bridging the gap between marketing and data science, being empowered with the ability to think critically about data, and deriving conclusions from incomplete information;

  • Knowing how to support marketing decision-making through a practical understanding of the fundamental methods used by data scientists;

  • Learning data science tools and models and being ready to deploy them in the organization;

  • Developing the capabilities to load, clean and transform data, and identifying the best models and methodologies to extract meaningful marketing knowledge from different, often heterogeneous and complex data sources;

  • Understanding the power of Big Data and learning how to achieve business solutions by processing large streams of data in real-time;

  • Interpreting and communicating data and results using a wide range of real-world marketing examples;

  • Always being ready to face the challenges of the modern and fast-changing business world.


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